Health, safety and environment

Occupational health

Our goal is to introduce and maintain accident-free work at the production facilities and in the office premises of the Partnership. Every employee aims to reach this goal.

We set high standards for occupational health and safety. Compliance with these standards is a priority for our employees and contractors. We are ready to adopt best practices of the leading companies and share our experience.    

To achieve this goal we work hard to raise the level of occupational health, pay special attention to protection of our employees and liability of the company management. In this connection, every year we take measures aimed at improvement of labor conditions, prevention of injuries and occupational diseases.  

Occupational health and safety activities follow the requirements of Kazakhstani legislation and international regulations and instructions.

Kazakhstan-China Pipeline LLP (hereinafter referred to as the Partnership) establishes the priority of the life and health of workers in relation to the results of production activities, the prevention of hazardous production factors in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. The Partnership follows the principle of zero tolerance with respect to losses and damages associated with accidents and accidents. On September 27, 2023, the Partnership officially joined the global initiative to promote the concept of zero injuries, Vision Zero, in order to develop a culture of safety and health at work.

In 2023, Kazakhstan-China Pipeline LLP adopted the “Vital Rules” of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP).

The Vital Rules of the Partnership are based on a systematic approach to the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks.
KNOW and FOLLOW the Vital Rules of the Partnership!
IMPROVE your knowledge in the field of occupational safety!
REACT IMMEDIATELY to any violation of safety requirements and working conditions!
SUSPEND OPERATION if a potentially hazardous situation or inadequate level of risk control is identified.

Industrial safety

We undertake a commitment to perform oil transportation without accidents and with safety for our employees, contractors, local population and environment.

Environmental protection

We fully recognize the potential of adverse impact from production on environment and we are ready to provide the highest level of environmental safety.